Crown Jones and C.Nichole formed Apollo’s Interlude in January 2013 in Dallas, TX, after realizing that they had all the tools they needed in order to bring their music to the masses on their own. Crown Jones has had interest in music since the age of 13. He would loop, chop and pitch change his favorite songs with a stock audio program on his family computer, and then save the files for his own listening pleasure. Crown Jones has been producing and rapping since 16, with his influences beginning with Ludacris, Juicy J and DJ Screw’s “Grey Tapes”. C.Nichole has had an interest in music since the age of 2, and decided she wanted to be a singer at the age of 7, after buying Mya’s debut album. At 11, she started an R&B girl group and became the group’s writer. After the group disbanded, she continued writing and decided to leave the tedious work of being a singer alone. Crown Jones and C.Nichole met on Facebook in the Fall of 2009. In 2011, they finally met and decided that with Crown Jones’ producing skills, and C.Nichole’s writing skills, they would demo songs for artists. After being turned away by labels, and having artists’ legal obligations get in the way, they decided to put a halt to the conflicts that got in the way of them reaching their goals. Apollo’s Interlude was born in order to put out good music with real lyrics that didn’t have to conform to the opinions of the music industry’s upper echelon. Apollo is the god of music, and Crown Jones and C.Nichole come together in order to be his interlude when he steps away; in order to keep the good music going. Good music has stepped away, and Apollo’s Interlude plans on being a part of the movement to bring it back.